The Jonathan Joseph Foundation was established in 2015 as the foundation sought to bring the most important necessity of life to communities in the Philippines which was clean water, hot meals, and sacks of food to families who needed it most. The Foundation realizes the opportunity and need to help others not only by giving, but through prayer and by sharing the word of God to those who have yet to establish a home in their heart for him. The Foundation will continue to believe that God wants to facilitate such of an event continuously has it has already a miracle that the Foundation was able to team with Churches located in the Philippines through divine an miraculous connections. If there is a will, there is a way.

  • We help feed families

  • We partner with churches to share God’s Word and love

This foundation is created to reflect God’s love through us to benefit and strengthen children and families in the Philippines! There are many ways to give back to the community, the simplest, cost effective approach is to volunteer your time whether it helping other established Foundation partners, organizations, ministries, or even Churches, when you volunteer your time, you will find a sense of accomplishment and gratification in the good works you are contributing in helping others who are in need.

The whole purpose of this foundation is to help families. Families helping families and people helping people.

Jonathan Joseph Petrillo - Founder


Many people in the Philipines lack access to clean water. We provide clean drinking water to communities at our events.


We provide non-perishable food stuffs and dry goods to families in need.


One of the ways we share the warmth of God’s love is to provide warm meals for families in need.


Providing sacks of food and warm meals to church membersand the surrounding community.


Providing financial resources to build new churches or to remodel existing church structures.


Providing sacks of food and warm meals to guests seeking a church home.

Monthly Giving

The Jonathan Joseph Foundation is also actively involved in giving financial assistance to those in great need of financial support including health needs. All instances of the charity assisting others can be found on the charity’s Facebook and Instagram social media pages.  You may also get in touch with us by filling out and submitting the Contact Us form.

Jonathan Joseph Foundation, a charitable non-profit 501 c 3 organization donates monthly to a number of Churches, Bible giveaway non-profits as well as monthly food charity events held in different regions of Philippines!

of $10,000.00 USD remaining.


The Jonathan Joseph Foundation is currently searching for related partners to assist in the carrying out of charitable events in other countries..