Jonathan Joseph Foundation


The Jonathan Joseph Foundation exercises equality which is a fundamental and necessary attribute towards all participants involved in its’ charity events along with absolute care and love for others.

The Jonathan Joseph Foundation is committed to exercising belonging, diversity and equality throughout the entire organization, including all volunteers, participants and the communities in which our events take place. We practice acceptance of every human being no matter their handicap, race, ethnicity, age, sex, educational levels, social economic or financial status, everyone is accepted with open arms, care and complete love.

Additionally, the foundation encourages truthfulness, encouragement, empathy, acceptance, respect, dignity, kindness, faithfulness and prayer while practicing a high level of ethical standards. We appreciate the participation of our guests, Churches, Pastors, Priests, Venue owners, Organizers and volunteers.

The Jonathan Joseph Foundation not only provides hot food, groceries and a safe place for all guests and participants to gather, yet we put time into sharing the word of GOD to guests who have yet to have an opportunity to learn about GOD’s love and how the Bible is necessary to be a part of our everyday life, a priceless gift that will positively impact anyone’s life.